Podcast Your Course
(No joke!)
Your students are listening...
To podcasts. To audiobooks. To your videos (while not looking at the screen hahaha).

And they want to listen to you more where they're at... 
Without the distractions of their entire computer.

Think about it...

They can walk their dog, visit a museum, drive to work, relax on the plane...

all while learning from you!

This product takes ALL your lessons and turns it into a private podcast feed for your students to import in their player of choice. The lessons play in order and will link back to the corresponding video content (depending on your course platform). 

Talk about E-A-S-Y!


Send Us Your Audio
We show you an easy way to pull audio from your videos if you haven't done so already.


We Make Your Private Feed
The podcast can be played on any player while staying off iTunes and Google search results.


Share With Your Students
Give them what they want -- a distraction-free way to binge your course content.

What if you could get students to BINGE your course?

How would that change their learning?
How would that change their results?
How would that change your impact?

"Podcasted" Courses Make Learning Happen...FAST!
The podcast feed is an easily accessible, low-pressure way to consume your content (for the first time, or fifth). It's organized, in order, playing continually one lesson to the next. 

Access for your students. 
Where they want it. 
When they want it. 
How they want it.
Here's what the students are saying:
LIFETIME access means:
No monthly hosting fees. We build and host the podcast for you...for life.

When you create something that is truly innovative, there's bound to be questions... 

Is this private?
It's hidden from iTunes, Google, and only available to those you share the link with.
How does it work?
You'll receive an email with a link to your private Google Drive folder.
Upload your audio files, and complete the organizer spreadsheet with lesson titles and links.
Reply to our email letting us know it's ready to go.
We'll get to work on building your podcast feed!
When that's all said and done (in about a week), we'll send over the link for you to pass on to your students!
What if I don't have audio versions of my videos yet?
If you don't have audio versions of your lessons yet, don't worry, we thought of that!  We have a quick lesson on how to make them.
What do students need to do?
We have instructions for you to copy/paste to give your students. It's as simple as pasting a link in their podcast player.
What does tech support look like?
We are including access to a Facebook group. Remember, we're getting a BETA developed with YOUR input! You'll be able to tell us how your students are doing and what requests you have to make the process even easier. In short, we're here to get your feed to your students ASAP. And we'll do whatever it takes ;)
How many lessons are included in one course or stacking multiple five-course packs?
One entire course per feed. You buy five feeds, that's five courses. No limit on lessons. You're buying the podcast feed.
Is this only for iTunes iOS or only for Android?
No! It works for Android and iOS (and desktop)! Any podcast player that allows you to import a feed using a URL, which is most podcast players. Notably, Spotify and Stitcher don't allow this.
How would I buy more course feeds later on? Would it be at a different price point?!
It will change. We're going to launch the beta in a few months and we MAY offer lifetime again. Not sure though! The vision in the future is a monthly fee per feed, with a cap on students. Details on the next offer TBD.
Will this work for membership sites?
It depends on how often you add content and how much turn over you have. We're working on some cool stuff for the beta, which will be perfect for membership site owners. If you lock in as a lifetime member, you'll get lifetime to the next version of the product when it's released! We're launching the beta of the software hopefully in a few months, depending on dev time.
What’s the difference between just creating your own podcast feed and using this?
It's totally private. No one can find the podcast in iTunes or by Googling it :) Eventually, the beta will be a full fledged software that assigns a unique link to each student. When they are not supposed to get access anymore, their link will die. This alpha stage is super manual for us...but we're funding the dev for the beta.
What platform will be used for delivery for our members? Will it be crazy easy or through a proprietary app?
The delivery is through their podcast-player-of-choice. No proprietary app. We provide the podcast feed, which you pass along to your students. They put it in whichever app they'd like to use. We provide copy/paste instructions for you to give your students if they're unfamiliar with podcasts. The built-in iOS Podcasts app works just fine. Or Overcast. Or Podcast Addict on Android.
If someone defaults on payments, is there anyway to stop the feed for them? Or not really because it's already uploaded to their feed?
Not until the beta phase! That's what we need to develop. (It's the really tricky part!) But once the beta is ready, your original feed will die and each student will get a new link that's unique to them. We're thinking dev will take about 2 months. So, over the two months if people default, know that they will eventually lose access once the unique links roll out. And from then on, you'll have automatic link-killing upon defaulting payments or canceled memberships.
Do we need to have a course ready?
Nope! You can buy your podcast feed now, and upload the files whenever they're ready. This is a lifetime deal after all!
I have a course I'm in the middle of updating. What happens if we want to change our course in a month or so?
We ask that you have a stable course for your podcast feed for this version of Podcast Your Course. In the next version, we'll have a dashboard for you to update your feed, move lessons around, and swap out files. Since we're working manually in this phase, we'd like you to not make changes after uploading your files.
What is the deadline for sending you the audio once we purchase?
No deadline. We're selling this as a lifetime license for the product. We'll be here when you're ready. And maybe we'll have the shiny dashboard in place by the time you're ready!
Would I be able to host this in [Kajabi, MemberVault, Thinkific, {insert your course platform here}?
Yes! It's platform-independent. Think of this as more like Vimeo for your audio. It's something that hosts your content outside of your course platform. You pass along the podcast link to your students, and they put it in whichever podcast player they like.
I’m curious why you think a student would do a course as a podcast vs any other way? If they are gonna procrastinate won’t they procrastinate no matter what? I’m intrigued by this but not convinced it solves the problem.
Ooo... *cracks knuckles and flexes teacher muscles*. We see three issues that are fixed by a podcast version of your course.

1. The screen: Right now, courses are expected to be consumed in a browser on a computer while watching a video. This requires the student to face the screen and not be distracted. On that screen is Slack, Messenger, Facebook, your inbox, all with little numbers in parentheses or red dots telling you to look there!  With a podcast, you're able to do the dishes, take a walk, drive your car, all while focusing on the audio. As long as you're not reading, you can listen to audio content and retain the information. The moment you read a Slack notification, your brain turns off the lesson and that information is lost. On your computer, it's just about impossible to avoid reading something while trying to learn. 

2. The mp3's: Some courses provide audio files in each lesson. You download them on your phone, but then what? Where do they go? Do they play in the correct order? And continue on to the next one when it's finished? And continue playing if you lock your screen? Maybe. But likely it's a disorganized mess of mp3 files with names like Mindset_Work_edited_final-v2.mp3 which comes after Closing_remarks.mp3. And then there's Module-5_Lesson-2.mp3 which was never updated after the course redesign and is now actually Lesson 4 from Module 3. No bueno.  The podcast feed is organized, in order, playing continually one lesson to the next. You can play through your car speakers, an Amazon Echo, anything that podcast players connect to. And they're intended to play while your phone is in your pocket while you're walking around doing something else. (But not reading notifications!) 

3. "Lesson Complete" indicators: We're strong proponents for Spiral Learning: "each time a student encounters the topic, the student expands their knowledge or improves their skill level," (reference, and a detailed article). Content should be encountered multiple times and in multiple ways. Each encounter makes a small dent in the brain and creates an attachment point for the next time they experience the content. Marking a lesson or module as "complete" trains the student to move on and never look at that content again.
Instead, if they binge your entire course in audio form, they see where you're taking them and what to expect, without the pressure of "completing" a worksheet or task that may hold them back from moving on. THEN they can go back and watch videos, with pen and paper, fully prepped to absorb what you're teaching and take action, all with the context of the larger course mission. The podcast feed is an easily accessible, low-pressure way to encounter your content, either for the first time, or fifth.
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